UVAS Tender - Auction
Tender CodeTender TitlePublishing DateClosingDateDocumentChallan
1015/2019Procurement of RO Plants Implements Office of the Store Officer UVAS Ravi Campus Pattoki02/12/201918/12/2019
1014/2019Invitation for Expression of Interest EOI for Rent Out of 20 Acres Agricultural Land for Five 5 Years Lease CVAS Jhang02/12/201918/12/2019
A004/2019AUCTION OF DOGS 27/11/201913/12/2019
A003/2019AUCTION OF ANIMAL 27/11/201913/12/2019
1007/2019PROCUREMENT OF IT EQUIPMENT UVAS LAHORE27/11/201911/12/2019
1012/2019Procurement of Silage for Experimental Animals Department of Microbiology UVAS Lahore26/11/201911/12/2019
1011/2019Procurement of Ceiling Fans Pet Centre UVAS Lahore26/11/201911/12/2019
1009/2019Procurement of Fish Feed Ingredients Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture UVAS Ravi Campus Pattoki26/11/201911/12/2019
1010/2019Procurement of Books for Central Library UVAS Lahore26/11/201911/12/2019
C002/2019Corrigendum Tender No 1000/201926/11/201900
A002/2019AUCTION OF ANIMALS ICEE21/11/201910/12/2019
1006/2019Procurement of Consumable Items under the HEC OPU Project Department of Theriogenology UVAS Lahore19/11/201904/12/2019
1005/2019Procurement of Various Storable Feed Ingredients of Daily Use for Cooking Dog Feed at Pet Breeding Training and Research Centre UVAS Ravi Campus Pattoki19/11/201904/12/2019
1002/2019Procurement of 20 Twenty number of Adult Breeding age Labrador and German Shepherd Dogs and 20 Twenty Dogs for Arms Explosive and Sniffer Training Pet Breeding Training and Research Centre Pet Centre UVAS Ravi Campus Pattoki19/11/201904/12/2019
1001/2019Procurement of Furniture and Fixture under the Project In Service Training Facility of Advance Veterinary Education and Professional Development for Veterinary Professionals IVPD UVAS Lahore19/11/201904/12/2019
A001/2019AUCTION OF CULLING ANIMALS18/11/201910/12/2019
1000/2019Invitation for Expression of Interest EOI Research Opportunities for Broiler Grand Parent Companies UVAS Lahore13/11/201904/12/2019
1004/2019Procurement of Laboratory Equipment and Generator under the PARB 660 Project Development of Farmer friendly field based molecular assay for the detection of anthelmintic resistant Parasitology Section CVAS Jhang13/11/201927/11/2019
1003/2019Procurement of Laboratory Equipment under the HEC PDF Project Implementation of Our Prototype Elisa Test for Screening Blood Samples of Man and Food Animals Department of Parasitology UVAS Lahore13/11/201927/11/2019
0219/2019Boring Lowering of Turbine 800ft Deep including Construction of Chamber Room at C-Block UVAS Ravi Campus Pattoki12/11/201929/11/2019
220-3/2019Repair / Renovation of Servant Quarter House No 5 Pharmacy Block / Fixing of Door at Quarter No 4 Anatomy Block / Installation of Kitchen Cabinet at Quarter No 14 Firduous Park City Campus Lahore12/11/201927/11/2019
220-3/2019Repair / Maintenance of Turbine at Department of Fisheries Aquaculture near Adhan Road C-Block Ravi Campus Pattoki12/11/201927/11/2019
220-2/2019Construction of DIP and Providing Fixing of Drain Grating at Milking Parlor B-Block Ravi Campus Pattoki12/11/201927/11/2019
220-1/2019P/L of VC Office Stair Carpet Polishing of Stair Structure Painting of Corridor and PVC Paneling at Entrance City Campus UVAS Lahore12/11/201927/11/2019
0C13/2019CORRIGENDUM - Auction # A25/201911/11/20190
0995/2019Procurement of Silage for Experimental Animals Department of Theriogenology UVAS Lahore06/11/201920/11/2019
0998/2019Invitation for Expression of Interest EOI Refreshment Items Catering for 11th Convocation 2019 UVAS Lahore06/11/201920/11/2019
0997/2019Invitation for Expression of Interest EOI Repair Overhauling of Feed Mix Wagon Training and Research Demonstration Farm TRDF UVAS Ravi Campus Pattoki06/11/201920/11/2019
0996/2019Procurement of Gel Documentation System under the PARC ALP under the project Controlling adulteration in milk marketing systems of Punjab by Developing Testing Technologies Department of Dairy Technology UVAS Ravi Campus Pattoki06/11/201920/11/2019
0994/2019Procurement of Chemicals Apparatuses Elisa and Ria Kits under the PARB Project No 1001 Assessment of antibiotics steroids and hormonal risk factors in poultry feed meat and eggs in Punjab Department of Animal Nutrition UVAS Ravi Campus Pattoki06/11/201920/11/2019
0993/2019Procurement of Purification Columns for Quality Operations Laboratory QOL UVAS Lahore06/11/201920/11/2019
0992/2019Procurement of Laboratory Equipment under the HEC Project Capacity building of vector bourne disease Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery CMS UVAS Lahore06/11/201920/11/2019